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Renders a table.

Tables present data in a structured manner. A table contains rows which in turn contains cells.


Whether to show separators.

Whether to show separators between rows. Defaults to false.

showSeparators: bool

-new UITable

Constructs a table.

Use a table to present data in a structured manner.

new UITable()


Adds a row.

Adds a row to the table. Rows are shown vertically in the table view, i.e. from the top and down. Rows are rendered in the order they are added.

addRow(row: UITableRow)


Removes a row.

Removes a row from the table.

removeRow(row: UITableRow)


Removes all rows.

Removes all rows from the table. If the table is presented, you must call the reload function in order for the changes to be reflected visually.



Reloads the table.

If you add or remove rows while a table view is presented, you must reload the table in order for the changes to take effect.



Presents the table.

present(): Promise