Access information about the script.

Allows for accessing information about the script that is currently being run and controlling selected parts of the script execution.


Name of the script.

static name(): string


Informs the system about script completion.

static complete()

Call this function to inform the system that the script has completed running.

When a script is run inside Siri and the Shortcuts app, Scriptable use heuristics to determine if the script has completed. If you find that a script takes too long to complete, you can manually call the complete function to stop the execution. Note that this should be done as the very last action the script performs.

When the script is run from a share sheet, the complete function will complete execution and dismiss the presented view.


Sets output when running the script as a shortcut action.

static setShortcutOutput(value: any)

Use this function to pass values to other actions in the Shortcuts app. The output can be a text, a number, a boolean, a dictionary or a file path pointing to a file stored in iCloud.

You can also use JavaScript's return keyword to output a value to a shortcut.


Value to provide as output.


Sets the widget to be displayed.

static setWidget(widget: any)


Widget to display.