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Fetches your location.

Uses GPS, WiFi and cellular hardware to determine your location. The first time you use the API, the application will prompt you to authorize access to your location. If you do not authorize access, the application cannot fetch your location. You can change this later from the system settings.


Fetches your location.

static current(): Promise<{string: number}>

Your location is fetched using GPS, WiFi and cellular hardware. The object carried by the promise includes the latitude, longitude and altitude as well as the horizontal and vertical accuracy measured in meters.

Return value

Promise<{string: number}>
Promise providing an object containing information about your location.


Uses best accuracy. This is default.

static setAccuracyToBest()

Set this when you want to achieve the best possible accuracy when retrieving your location. This is the default accuracy.


Sets accuracy to within ten meters.

static setAccuracyToTenMeters()


Sets accuracy to within hundred meters.

static setAccuracyToHundredMeters()


Sets accuracy to within one kilometer.

static setAccuracyToKilometer()


Sets accuracy to within three kilometers.

static setAccuracyToThreeKilometers()


Performs reverse-geocoding for a location.

static reverseGeocode(latitude: number, longitude: number, locale: string): [{string: any}]

A reverse-geocoding request fetches information about the current location. The data is delivered by Apple's geocoding service.


Latitude of coordinate to fetch information about.

Longitude of coordinate to fetch information about.

Optional. Preferred locale to fetch information in. Uses the default locale of the device if null.

Return value

[{string: any}]
Promise that carries all available information about the address when resolved.